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Most Haunted Spots on the Gettysburg Battlefield

Posted on December 17, 2020
  The Nation’s Bloodstain  Read a few sentences into any Pennsylvania paranormal article, and you'll find the battlefields of Gettysburg. Truly one of the nation's bloodiest civil war ba...

Tale of Helltown

Posted on December 15, 2020
Hell on Earth Helltown, its name perfectly fitting its legend, known for murderous Satanists and toxic chemical spills. A weekend’s road trip away, nestled in The Cuyahoga Valley in Pennsylvania's ...

Top 10 Haunted Locations in Philadelphia

Posted on November 12, 2020
A Historic Centerpiece Philadelphia is one of our nation’s most historic towns, its written history beginning in 1682. The city was founded by William Penn in the English Crown Province of Penn...