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The Bridgewater Triangle

Posted on August 29, 2020
The Bridgewater Triangle is a curious spot in southeastern Massachusetts that’s known for all manner of wacky supernatural hijinks. You name it, they have it. Pretty certain that if you look hard en...

Centralia: The Ultimate Ghost Town

Posted on June 8, 2020
Centralia, to sum it up in a quick phrase, is the town that inspired Silent Hill. If Hell decided to relocate to Earth and claim a zip code, it would inevitably have to sue Centralia for infringing ...

The Smallpox Apocalypse

Posted on April 30, 2020
The European's arrival in the New World was nothing short of an Apocalyptic event for most natives. In the Americas, the coming of Europeans led to plagues, war, genocide, and subjection. It led t...