The magic of this tour is in the stories, across all of Gettysburg hear unique stories, gathered from first-hand accounts and detailed research of historical records. Together they tell the story of the Battle of Gettysburg and how those three days of bloody battle in 1863 still affect the town today.

Over 7 or 11 stops and 60 – 90 minutes we will layout for you a view of the battle from the point of view of those who lived here, who heard the cry of ‘The rebels are coming, the rebels are coming!’ and saw streams of soldiers take up residence around their small town.

Whether you are looking for a supernatural experience in the quiet darkness of Gettysburg or a historical account of the battle that changed the course of the Civil War, we have combined both of these things into the finest ghost tour in Gettysburg.

In research for this tour, other stories were unearthed that we just can’t include on this walking tour, but are fascinating stories, nonetheless. We have included these stories of hauntings and historical happenings from across the area in our blog of Pennsylvania hauntings, as well as a preview of some of the locations we will visit on the tour.


The exterior of the Farnsworth House, illuminated at night, is that a ghost at the second story window?

The Farnsworth House

Now a bed and breakfast, the Farnsworth House used to be the territory of Confederate snipers during the Battle of Gettysburg. Regarded as one of the town’s most haunted places, the Confederate soldiers who were once inside have long passed… but continue to stay in the house.

The Hall of Presidents, Gettysburg. From the exterior, at night eerily illuminated.

The Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents closed last year, but this former wax museum has a deep-rooted history of paranormal activity. The Hall was filled with wax figures of every American President and First Lady, darkly built on a former Civil War burial ground. Being built atop a burial ground is seldom good news, and guests will learn how this building continues to be no exception…

A dramatic exterior of the Gettysburg hotel, at night, the windows are illuminated by dramatic spotlights, casting a radial pattern that draws your attention to the front door, where some guests enter, but never leave.

Gettysburg Hotel
Extended Tour Exclusive

The beautiful Gettysburg Hotel is haunted by two spirits, a man and a woman from the Civil War. They share a mysterious and deep bond, a secret known by only a small few. What is the tragic connection of this ghostly pair? Find out only on our extended tour!