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Gettysburg was the infamous stage of the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the most pivotal events in American history. Tens of thousands of soldiers were wounded or killed in the Civil War’s most bloody battle. The high death toll inevitably left some spirits behind, leaving them woefully in the dark history of their own demise.

With Civil War Ghosts, guests will visit the most haunted places in town and discover the history that lived (and lives on) in each building. Every account heard on our tour has been fact-checked, thoroughly researched, and constantly revised and updated.

Our tour strives to be both informative and thrilling. You might experience things you can’t explain: sights you swear can’t be real, sounds that must have a “logical” explanation, something brushing your arm.

Civil War Ghosts is a tour suited for anyone and everyone curious about the haunted history of Gettysburg. Newcomers who’ve never done a ghost tour are as welcome as paranormal enthusiasts. If American history is your favorite topic, you’ll hear facts you might never have learned in any school textbook or classroom. Even die-hard skeptics are welcome! Our Civil War Ghosts tour is for all who wish to see Gettysburg through a more unique lens.

By ensuring what you hear from our guides is accurate, the experience becomes that much more unsettling. Our tour isn’t like seeing a horror movie, where the illusion is shattered by the constant reminder of reality. With every step, you walk deeper and deeper into the grim depths of true history.

After experiencing our tour, you’ll leave with greater knowledge about Gettysburg, its history, its paranormal activity, and the Civil War. You will have a different perspective on one of the most significant places in American history, and on the overall nature of “our world” versus the “spirit world.” All guests will return home with haunting memories from an extraordinary time well-spent.

Experience the enthralling after-living history of Gettysburg and see the sites of the Civil War’s most climactic battle. Book today.

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Why is Gettysburg so Haunted?

Gettysburg was the site of the Civil War’s bloodiest battle, the Battle of Gettysburg, on July 1-3, 1863. The number of casualties for Union forces was 23,049, while Confederate casualties numbered 28,063. With thousands dead, it’s inevitable that many of the deceased have lived on in Gettysburg as spirits caught between worlds. Furthermore, so many Confederate soldiers were never buried properly, leaving many bodies left in unfinished or poorly made graves.

The soldiers injured were all too often mortally wounded. Injuries that modern medicine could now adequately treat and heal could be almost instantaneous death sentences. To survive the battlefield almost always meant to die in the hospitals scattered in the carnage.

The hospitals in Gettysburg during the battle were far from what modernity would define as a hospital. Wounded soldiers were treated in barns, houses, churches, any and all makeshift spaces with room for the the thousands needing treatment. Unfortunately, these field hospitals were commonly the last places soldiers saw alive. As seen by the hauntings that continue in the city, several soldiers never quite left these hospitals behind.

Due to this dark and bloody history, Gettysburg is one of the most haunted places on Earth.



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There are some guidelines that we must follow.

  • Be polite.

    Much like a grandparent, please be polite if you're graced with their presence!

  • Stay together.

    As cool as being a ghost with our past leaders may be, please don't become one! Buddy up!

  • Watch your step.

    Again, we don't want you becoming a spirit!

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