Join Civil War Ghosts, a nightly walking ghost tour through the most haunted sites in Gettysburg’s history. Guests of Civil War Ghosts will explore the paranormal and historical accounts of each of our carefully selected tour stops. There are many ghost stories and urban legends surrounding the city of Gettysburg, but our guides share only the most researched, up-to-date, and authentic ghosts stories. All tours start at 8pm!

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Gettysburg was the infamous stage of the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the most pivotal events in American history. Tens of thousands of soldiers were wounded or killed in the Civil War’s most bloody battle. The high death toll inevitably left some spirits behind, leaving them woefully in the dark history of their own demise.

Our tour takes you on a journey through Gettysburg’s historic downtown.

With Civil War Ghosts, guests will visit the most haunted places in town and discover the history that lived (and lives on) in each building. Every account heard on our tour has been fact-checked, thoroughly researched, and constantly revised and updated.

The Civil War Ghost Tour Difference: What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Our tour strives to be both informative and thrilling. You might experience things you can’t explain: sights you swear can’t be real, sounds that must have a “logical” explanation, something brushing your arm.

Civil War Ghosts is a tour suited for anyone and everyone curious about the haunted history of Gettysburg. Newcomers who’ve never done a ghost tour are as welcome as paranormal enthusiasts. If American history is your favorite topic, you’ll hear facts you might never have learned in any school textbook or classroom. Even die-hard skeptics are welcome! Our Civil War Ghosts tour is for all who wish to see Gettysburg through a more unique lens.


“Our tour guide was great. I have been coming to Gettysburg for close to 50 years and taken lots of ghost tours. This one gave information I did not know. The tour guide is the most important part of the tour and I would give this gentleman a 5+ stars! Thanks for a fun evening!
–Janie Crowl

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By ensuring what you hear from our guides is accurate, the experience becomes that much more unsettling. Our tour isn’t like seeing a horror movie, where the illusion is shattered by the constant reminder of reality. With every step, you walk deeper and deeper into the grim depths of true history.

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Tour Info

Our nightly tours take you to Gettysburg’s most haunted places. All tours start at 8pm. On our Civil War Ghosts tour, you’ll explore both the paranormal and historical accounts of each of our carefully selected tour stops. There are many “ghost stories” surrounding Gettysburg, but what you’ll hear from our guides is researched, up-to-date, and authentic.


All Ghost Tours meet across the street from Mr. G’s Gift Shop at “Unity Park”, located at 37 Lefever Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325
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The standard tour route is 60 minutes, 0.8 miles. Eight different locations are included in our standard tour. The extended tour is 90 minutes total. Our extended tour includes four extra locations, adding 0.9 miles to the distance for a total distance of 1.7 miles.


Tours last approximately 1hr to 1hr 15 minutes. The extended tour adds about 30 minutes to the tour.


Civil War Ghosts ghost tours are 60 minute tours held nightly at 8pm. Please arrive at least ten minutes early and allow plenty of time for parking and walking to the location.


Admission for the Civil War Ghosts tour must be purchased ahead of time on our site. Click “Buy Tickets” to bring up the ticket order process, fill the (short!) form out completely, and confirm your reservation, then… you’re done!
You do NOT need to print your tickets or worry about mobile passes! After completing your tour reservation online, you’ll automatically be added to the admission list for your tour time and date. Simply bring your ID with you for us to verify your reservation before your tour begins.


All Ghost Tours meet in Unity Park which can be found at the corner of Lefever and Wainright just across the street from “Mr. G’s Gift Shop”. Your guide will be carrying a lantern beneath the statue of the drummer boy.

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Clementia Ike

Review Rating
December 13, 2019

Our family travels a lot and we have been on many different kinds of tours but this one was literally the best! Thanks!
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Cassandra Jaymie

Review Rating
November 02, 2019

This tour was well priced, exciting, and spooky! What more could you ask for?!
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Shay Derwin

Review Rating
October 13, 2019

I am so glad that I took the leap and went on this tour it was so much fun!
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Review Rating
August 15, 2019

It was more fun than I expected! 10 out of 10 experience!
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What’s on my ghost tour?

  • The Farnsworth House

    Now a bed and breakfast, the Farnsworth House used to be the territory of Confederate snipers during the Battle of Gettysburg. Regarded as one of the town’s most haunted places, the Confederate soldiers who were once inside have long passed… but continue to stay in the house.

  • The Hall of Presidents

    The Hall of Presidents closed last year, but this former wax museum has a deep rooted history of paranormal activity. The Hall was filled with wax figures of every American President and First Lady, darkly built on a former Civil War burial ground. Being built atop a burial ground is seldom good news, and guests will learn how this building continues to be no exception…

  • Gettysburg Hotel

    The beautiful Gettysburg Hotel is haunted by two spirits, man and woman, from wartime. They share a mysterious and deep bond, a secret known by only a small few. What is the tragic connection of this ghostly pair? Find out only on our extended tour!

  • The David Wills House

    The David Wills House is one of the most remarkable places in Gettysburg. During wartime, David Wills, a young lawyer, took on a difficult project by helping the many wounded and dead soldiers of Gettysburg. Wills made his home into a hospital for the wounded. He also took on the role of a gravedigger, helping establish a proper burial ground for the dead. For Wills’s efforts, President Lincoln spoke at the completed burial ground’s dedication and stayed at this house. Of course, this house isn’t just historically significant–it’s haunted, too. Learn the haunted side of this storied house only on our extended tour!